This is a group effort, people...

My heating is broken. I’m wearing a onesie, blanket, hat, and fingerless gloves and I still feel like the cast of Frozen.

Which by the way, you should definitely see if you haven’t already.

L: I kept trying to see it and then my cousin went to see it with my uncle instead of me. I was all ‘guys. seriously?’

H: Theres loads of good quailty screener copies floating around the interwebs if you’re into that kind of thing



I hate my job, I hate my bosses, and I hate having to go to Essex every day.

Bring it, working from home over the tube strike.


one of the other assistants had a go at me for no reason in front of all the other assistants


and me and the other girl on my team are keeping it a secret because we’ll get so much crap from these two assistants who hate everything and everybody

So, bitchy assistants,

go ahead, because don’t give a damn about youuuuuuuuu

Applied for that job

No idea when I’ll hear back as there’s no actual end date forapplications on the job board. I just hope they can tell how much I really love schedules. And, y’know, getting paid more.

And if not?

I’m applying for a new job

it’s 2 grades above the one I have (I’m a B1, this is an entry level B3), and it’s in a totally different area. Basically, it’s scheduling supervisor for the call centre, so I’d be organising rotas, holiday cover, sick leave, shift changes, training, meetings etc.

I know I can do it, and I know I’d be really GOOD at it, but it’s just convincing the hiring people of that, when I have ALMOST NO RELEVANT EXPERIENCE. Also, the job has been posted since 28th November, which either means nobody has applied for it (which means they’re more likely to give me a shot), or lots of people have applied, but they’re really picky about who they want (which means they’re less likely to give me a shot)

My manager definitely thinks I should go for it, and she said she’ll go through the applications and stuff with me on Saturday, which is really nice of her, but I’m having visions that I’ll get an interview and they’ll ask me something, and I’ll just be like…


dear assistants at work

get over yourselves. 

who followed unfuckyourhabitat?

because I slightly love it.

H: It was me, but J put me on to it. It’s amazing. My house is getting almost clean

L: I’m going to go to muji and buy all of their storage things this weekend.